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More over 276 million private vehicles were registered in the US as of 2020, or nearly one for each man, woman, and child. And with their beloved automobiles, Americans traveled more than 3 trillion miles. The industry that emits the most greenhouse gases is transportation, and our automobiles are responsible for more than half of it.

Finding strategies to decarbonize three key industries—steel, cement, and chemicals—that contribute around 16% of the world's carbon emissions is crucial if we want to prevent a climate emergency. And there are several decarbonization pathways for each one. To read more, link

Bloomberg analysis indicates that in 2022, the world's investments in the transition to clean energy will total US$1.1 trillion. This sum was about equivalent to the sum spent on the production of fossil fuels in the same year. The Clean200 is a list of the 200 largest corporations from 35 different nations that are leading this shift. To continue...

According to the study "Breaking the Plastic Wave," by 2040, the complete plastics supply chain could use current technologies and solutions to reduce annual plastic leakage into the ocean by about 80%. The financial risk of US$100 billion annually that businesses face if governments demand them to cover waste management costs at anticipated...

U.S. manufacturers are moving ahead with creating new battery technologies for electric vehicles thanks to government mandates and incentives. The holy grail is a battery that uses no "conflict" minerals from abroad, is safer, cheaper, and has a greater driving range.

Deforestation Free Funds is a search engine that enables people to determine whether their money, whether it be in the form of individual investments or a 401(k) given by their workplace, is exposed to organizations, banks, and brands responsible for global deforestation. Companies that produce, trade, use, or fund palm oil, rubber, soy, cattle,...

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