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Deforestation Free Funds is a search engine that enables people to determine whether their money, whether it be in the form of individual investments or a 401(k) given by their workplace, is exposed to organizations, banks, and brands responsible for global deforestation. Companies that produce, trade, use, or fund palm oil, rubber, soy, cattle, wood products, pulp & paper—the main commodities responsible for rainforest destruction—are the focus of Deforestation Free Funds.


Large-scale land degradation and deforestation for the production of commodities like palm oil, paper, soy, rubber, and livestock account for almost a quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions as well as an unprecedented rate of species extinction. In addition, industrial plantation agriculture, which has a propensity to uproot and displace indigenous peoples and local communities, is a major contributor to violent land disputes.

Of course, not all agricultural commodity producers are guilty of these abuses, Naturally, not all companies that create agricultural commodities are responsible for these violations, and not all consumer brands are directly responsible for the worst tropical deforestation. Deforestation Free Funds' objective is to assist in supporting the efforts of some businesses to lessen damage. We aim to maintain this tendency by increasing the transparency of the producers, consumer brands, and lenders involved in the chain of rainforest destruction.

Deforestation Free Funds gives regular investors—those of us without investment experience but who may have a 401(k) or an IRA—the power to understand exactly what they own, determine whether their money is invested in harmful goods, put pressure on fund managers to adopt sustainable investment practices, and locate investment options that support a future that is friendly to forests. We intend to promote policies and practices that result in actual change.

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