The White House Proposes a Rule on Sustainable Products and Services


A rule has been suggested as part of Biden's Investing in America Agenda to upgrade existing sustainable purchasing rules and prioritize American-based sustainable goods and services.

The Sustainable items and Services Procurement Rule urges agencies to implement the EPA's recommendations for eco-friendly items in order to maximize government acquisition of existing sustainable products and services. It would also steer agencies away from purchasing products containing PFAS, popularly known as "forever chemicals" because they do not degrade quickly in the environment and have recently received attention as a public health threat and potential carcinogen.

The EPA recommends items created in the United States that improve energy or water efficiency, employ bio-based or recycled content, use ozone-safe compounds, and more. Along with the proposed rule, the EPA said that its ecolabel recommendations will be expanded to encompass new buying categories such as healthcare, laboratories, professional services, food service ware, and clothes.

"With the expansion of the EPA's Recommendations in these new product categories, Federal buyers are further encouraged to make environmentally and health-conscious purchasing decisions," EPA Administrator Michael Regan stated. "By catalyzing federal sustainable procurement, consumers gain access to goods and services that are safer for their families and the environment." This proposed rule builds on the Biden-Harris Administration's past ambitious measures to prioritize responsible, sustainable trade and minimize pollution at its facilities.

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